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CAMSCO Music is a specialty CD dealer--we sell folk and folk-related CDs and DVDs. We can supply any folk or folkish recording currently in print. This, of course, makes a complete catalog an impossibility. This site lists some 3500 titles, but if you can't find what you're looking for, call or E-mail us.

We've tried to make this site as user-friendly as possible. The CATALOG  page will let you see what we have, in  a number of different ways. You can browse  the entire catalog, if you can spare the time, or search out CDs by artist's name (alphabetically), type or genre of music (banjo, harmony, ballads, Irish, whatever) or record number  or you can search for a song, a word or phrase in the title, any artist appearing on the CD (handy for compilations) or just about anything else.

We've also included a WHAT'S NEW page--- a listing of new releases (to be updated fairly frequently) and a NOT NEW, BUT INTERESTING section to alert you to some recordings that we feel are very worthwhile, if lesser known. We also carry a small (but growing) selection of  BOOKS.

CAMSCO ships to anywhere on earth. For shipping and handling charges, see the SHIPPING INFORMATION page.

We’ve just set up  for secure on-line ordering., using PayPal.  You can also place an order by E-mail or phone (our dime); you can pay  by check, VISA, Master, Discover or PayPal. We don't keep regular office hours, but we're usually available by phone  from about 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM Eastern Time. We have an answering machine. We like to talk to people.

800/548-FOLK <3655>   or    609/371-1707

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